When thinking about the perfect recipe in Italian cuisine there is one dish that is a common thread in every region in Italy, pasta. Perfect in its simplicity – made from just semolina and water – it is capable of renewing itself day by day with diverse sauces. The undisputed king of pasta, Spaghetti: by far […]

Chocolate Salame

The chocolate salame is a dessert and with its numerous variations is renowned in the whole of Italy. It’s possible, for example, to prepare it with amaretti biscuits, dried or candied fruits, you can add rum or grappa, or even use white chocolate instead of the dark. Traditional chocolate salame is made with bitter cocoa […]

Despite what one might think, cotoletta, one of the most famous dishes of Milan together with risotto alla Milanese, has ancient origins. As a matter of fact, it was listed as “lompolos cum panito” in the menu from the lunch offered by a abbot to the monks of S. Ambrogio in 1134. Despite its ancient origins, in […]


A tasty and colorful recipe from the Sicilian gastronomic tradition, the Pasta alla Norma is a triumph of Mediterranean flavors and was so called in honor of Vincenzo Bellini’s opera “Norma”. The story says that in 19th century, Nino Martoglio, a Sicilian writer, poet and theater director, was so impressed when he first tasted this dish that […]


Puttanesca sauce is very commonly found in both Campania and Lazio, where it can have many variations: some people add chili peppers, others do not use anchovies, capers or parsley, while others add black pepper. There are equally as many variations on the history of this dish: some believe that it was created at the […]

The first clue of Tiramisù recipe is by the famous Italian gastronome Giuseppe Maffioli. In his book Il ghiottone Veneto (The Venetian Glutton) first published in 1968, he talks extensively about zabaglione custard. The name of this cream originates from Zabaja, a sweet dessert popular in the Illiria region, a coastal area across the Adriatic […]