Dedication to 2 Crazy Italians

Crazy Italians. Have you ever wondered why this crazy name? Here is the little story about it. When the founder and his wife, overwhelmed with doubts and expectations, announced that they were about to move from Bergamo, Italy to Memphis, Tennessee, their friend artist Yuliya Vladkovska gave them a wonderful present with this dedication: “This […]

Spaghetti Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino

LUNCH DEAL! Eat local and taste the real flavors of Italy right here at Crazy Italians, authentic and healthy Italian Fast Casual Restaurant!! PASTA AND SALAD LUNCH for only $8.99!! Pick one of these super tasty and healthy pastas (also Gluten Free!): Spaghetti Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino (Garlic, oil and crushed red pepper) Spaghetti al […]


Thursday is FAMILY night!! On Thursdays after 4pm, the Kids menu will be only $2.99 with at least one paying adult meal! Choose one of these and a small soda it’s included: – Penne al Pomodoro (tomato sauce), – Penne al Ragu’ alla bolognese (meat sauce) or – Penne in Bianco (butter and parmigiano) Dine […]


The chocolate salame is a dessert of easy preparation and with its numerous variations is renowned in the whole of Italy. It’s possible, for example, to prepare it with amaretti biscuits, dried or candied fruits, you can add rhum or grappa, or even use white chocolate instead of the dark. Traditional chocolate salame is made […]

The traditional Italian panna cotta recipe calls for cream, sugar and gelatine although, in the course of time, the numerous and increasingly lighter versions have rather strayed away from the original concept. Variations can be made to the basic dessert but also to the sauce: the more traditional caramel sauce may be replaced by strawberry, […]