Cannelloni al Ragu alla Bolognese

You’ve never experienced pasta and sauces like this before — unless you have a Nonna (“noh-nah” • grandmother) who makes it for you by hand. We source our ingredients for our pasta and sauces from their ideal origins.

Many are classified as D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin), which means they must come from a particular region and must be made in a particular way. This protects the integrity of these traditional foods.

Some examples:

Tagliatelle – (“tah-glee-ah-tell-eh”)
Thin, flat ribbons with an al dente bite. It cooks quickly, and doesn’t stick together

Fettuccine paglia e fieno – (“pah-glee-yah eh fee-eh-noh”)
A mix of green and yellow fettuccine with an al dente bite

A texture like hand rolled that feels fresh cut — cooks quickly and doesn’t stick together

“Look at my pasta. The texture is a little bit rough, as though it were hand rolled. The special texture means the pasta cooks quickly, holds the sauce well, and doesn’t stick together.”