Thank You


A few weeks ago a party of people came to our restaurant for dinner.

One of them, in his eighties and wearing a blue cap saying “ITALIA”, came to the kitchen window to ask a question.

“My grandfather was Italian and when I was young I used to drink with him a liqueur, but I do not remember the right name: maybe roseau…”

“The only liqueur we can think about is Rosolio: in Italy it’s sold in stores but traditionally home made”.

The smile on his face when he heard this name was priceless. He asked us to spell it for him.

We printed the only short description in English we could find on the Internet. When we gave it to him, he had teardrops in his eyes and he asked for a hug.

“I have been trying to remember this name for years. Now I will be able to taste it again. Thank you.”

Thanks to you: we had teardrops too.

Thanks to each of you.
Grateful for every “Thank you”.


Happy Thanksgiving from all the Crazy Italians crew!!